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Most often, anhidrosis is accompanied by complications such as:

The prognosis for anhidrosis is different. With sporadic (unstable, occurring periodically) anhidrosis, no critical consequences develop. But even a short-term deterioration in sweating should not be allowed - it affects the condition of the skin, which, because of this, ages faster, its functions deteriorate ahead of time.

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Even if the critical consequences of the described disease have not occurred for the skin, it loses its aesthetic appearance.

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The main causes of the appearance and treatment of anhidrosis.

Anhidrosis is a pathological condition in which characteristic changes occur on the skin due to a lack of production of cenforce glands. With the gradual progression of the disease, there is a complete cessation of sweating.

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Anhidrosis is a disorder of the sweat glands. The development of the disease causes the appearance of excessive dryness on the skin. The disease has pronounced symptoms that appear at the initial stage of development. Various research methods are used for diagnosis. Treatment is based on the use of medications.

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At the heart of rehabilitation prescribe means to moisturize the skin and recommend that you follow the necessary preventive measures. The disease can develop under the influence of Cenforce provoking factors. With a predisposition to the formation of pathology, regular observance of preventive measures is recommended.

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